We want everyone to have access to beautiful pretties without going down the rout of credit cards, store cards and catalogues which often charge high interest rates and can easily lead into overwhelming debt.

Our layaway plan offers you a way to secure your order with a £10 deposit (£20 on orders over £150) and spread the cost over a period of up to 90 Days while we keep your things secure ready to be dispatched once paid for - COMPLETELY INTEREST FREE!


Shop online and add your items to your cart, when you have picked all your pretties go to the checkout. At checkout chose alternative payment methods; At this point it will give you the option to chose Layaway. Complete your purchase with the layaway option. We will receive your order and will then send you a paypal invoice within 24hrs. To complete the process all you have to do is pay the £10 non refundable deposit (£20 on orders over £150) within 24hrs. Failure to pay the deposit within the 24hrs will result in the invoice being cancelled and the items restocked.

You then have up to 90 days to clear your invoice. Items are dispatched once the invoice has been cleared. 

Please note as per the layaway terms and conditions the deposit is forfeited on any returns, however we are happy to exchange the items for a different size as we do understand that different brands, cuts and styles all fit differently. In the unfortunate circumstance that an alternative size isn't available we can offer a credit note for the website.

On a more personal note i offer this service free of charge, because everyone deserves pretties. I appreciate people circumstances do change but when taking out a layaway please think before hand if it is affordable. We do not profit from offering layaway and our stock is all purchased with personal moneys so when the layaway service is misused this really effects me personally as well as jeopardising the service and the future of bitchin' boutique. We try to work with you when things happen and a layaway cant be paid off within the time frame but when on the rare circumstances we have to cancel a layaway from non payment or misuse the person will be unable to take out future layaway plans.


choosing to pay via layaway you agree to the below terms and conditions)

1. Initial non refundable and non transferable deposit of £10 (£20 on orders over £150) must be paid within 24 hours of receiving the invoice to secure your order. this sum is deducted from the total. Once the deposit is paid the items are secured and we are unable to change the items on the invoice, to do this you will have to cancel the layaway and start another, this will
forfeit your deposit. 

2. Final payment must be received within 90 Days. invoices are monitored for regular contributions to clear the balance, we will contact you if there
hasn't been a payment contribution in 45 days. 

3. Minimum payments of £10.00 at a time unless final payment is below this.

4. Orders will be sent once the invoice has been paid, and for no circumstances will they be sent before.

5. Purchase price is final, items may be reduced in the sale during an active layaway. This
doesn't effect he purchase price that it was secured at at the time of purchasing.